is there a way to g...
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is there a way to get into closed beta?  


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10/01/2021 5:51 pm  

 My Clan 241 and I was one of the top clans when gro was in bata way before the renamed to grp, we all have been waiting for someone to remake the game. We are all in love with what is being done and cant wait to play it again!! We even we in close talks with the devs in gro and even played skirmish games with the devs and other clans. At the time we were looking to try and get it into esports but we all know how they killed our beloved game! WE all had 1,000s of hours in gro and were all 5 stars. 

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18/09/2021 3:02 pm  

hi there!

Thanks your kind words!

Hopefully closed betaw within months and the open beta will be soon ,if that closed test is gonna end with good results !