Patch 0.3.2: Quite a huge one! One more round of things to improve the game. Thanks for the feedback and the help! Map updates!

  • Fixed collision and lighting bugs on cq_abbey, cq_dam
  • Fixed collision and lighting bugs on cq_excavation
  • Fixed collision and lighting bugs on hld_water
  • Fixed collision and lighting bugs on tdm_office
  • Fixed collision and lighting bugs on cq_dam
  • Fixed cq_cliffside bugs
  • Adjusted some covers on cq_cliffside
  • Fix some map exploits on cq_excavation
  • Clean up cq_excavation minimap
  • Adjust color grading on cq_excavation
  • Adjust some covers on cq_excavation
  • Adjust some covers on cq_excavation
  • Fixed black beams on cq_excavation
  • Fixed collision exploit on cq_dam
  • Adjusted and added lights to darker areas on cq_dam electro

Device updates!

  • Some fury bug fixes
  • Increased spark size
  • Increased range for punisher
  • Increased Punisher damage by 2


  • Fixed slide issue
  • Added animation stretching to ready time to match the character to the ready time
  • Adjusted ready times to make run and gun harder
  • Less volume/falloff step sound when crouch/prone
  • Also less run/walk step sound for shadow
  • Less fall damage
  • Lower movement acceleration on characters
  • Fixed no ready time when run + fire + a or d button pressed

Weapons and shooting updates!

  • Some adjustments aiming in cover
  • Added randomization to bullet impact sounds
  • Crosshair is now invisible when ready time is active
  • Set run to aim with no delay
  • Added minimum spread when moving and not in cover
  • Adjusted minimum spreads for all weapons to make hipfire less accurate
  • Adjusted spread multipliers for cover to have lower spread
  • Fix for Grenade camera issues in cover
  • Nade ignore owner mesh while moving
  • Firing + aiming stuff fixed
  • Aiming clips the body adjustment
  • Set cancel nade throwing with switch weapon button or to near to wall
  • fix red dot visibility under intense lighting
  • Added succes hit sound
  • Some little sniper rifle buffs

Other updates and changes!

  • Some animation adjustments
  • Disabled XGE controller
  • Fixed character transparency when aiming to avoid head clipping
  • Fixed lobby start button stuff
  • Respawn ui fix
  • Respawn time set to 8 secs
  • Fixed to be able to use keyboard in respawn menu when ingame menu opened/closed
  • Shadow now has a longer and wider scan than juggernaut or commander
  • Set to show armor mitigation in stats+for all weapons between 4-25 %
  • Spawn sound effect
  • Added Gun down and up tools sound
  • Adjusted characteder HP to juggernat 115 commander 110 shaddow 100

By zuzelek