Patch 0.3.1: During our second playtest we heard a lot of feedback and gathered a lot of bugs. While we are getting new ones in every day this was the list we where able to do in week time due to your help! Thank you!

Map updates!

  • Fixed OOB exploit on cq_persia,
  • Fixed a physmat on cq_persia

Device updates!

  • Fixed fury+cover activate rotation is not reseted
  • Reduced cloak visibility on high settings
  • Bane launch fix
  • 45% firerate upgrade for punisher
  • Added spread to punisher
  • Reduced cloak visibility under certain circumstances
  • Fixed cam not going down fury
  • Clean up cq_persia minimap some more


  • Fixed slide to stand cover standing up bug
  • Fixed disable run when near to wall and still kept pressing space & W

Weapons and shooting updates!

  • Fixed Ads/Firing again if you keep pressing RMB or LMB
  • Fixed crit shot showup
  • Smoke/bane/emp has nade indicator fix
  • Bullet impact sound on different material and sound increased(falloff)
  • m1014 -3dmg
  • +60% fall off distance firing sound for sniper rifles
  • +50% sound for all other weapons
  • m200 new pic icon
  • Fix cam issue when throwing nade from cover
  • Adjusted scan deletion logic
  • Fixed null bug in grenade capsule display
  • Nade throw fix and set to launch on server side only
  • Perhaps fix for remained auto shoot out of cover

Other updates and changes!

  • Main char bp variables cleaning
  • Fix spawn protection effect transparency, enemies will no longer glow red
  • Fixed chat text wrapping
  • Adjusted mark laser tag
  • HP regen +30%
  • Fixed cursor show after spawn
  • Respawn with space button
  • Force the start button visible for hoster even others not ready
  • Auto team balance set and counts the exist players each time before
  • Fixed disappearing cursor on respawn menu
  • Play point letter anim when capturing/loosing point
  • Killog adjustments

By zuzelek