Shadows of Soldiers is a 3rd person online, multiplayer, realistic game.

Welcome to "Shadows of Soldiers," an adrenaline-fueled 8v8 third-person cover-based tactical multiplayer shooter! Immerse yourself in an epic battlefield adventure, where strategic choices and teamwork determine victory. Utilize the intricately designed cover system, a vast array of exclusive weapons, and endless customization options to create your warrior's legend.

Read below to see what the game has for you - choose from three distinct classes, each offering unique abilities for a tailored playstyle. Whether you unleash raw power as the mighty Juggernaut, become a master of stealth and precision as a Shadow, or lead your squad to triumph as a strategic Commander, the choice is yours.

The ultimate showdown awaits as you step into the "Shadows of Soldiers" arena. Are you ready to claim victory and become a true legend of warfare? Let the battle begin!


Game Modes


In this game mode, there are 5 Capture points in total: A, B, C, D, E. Two teams try to capture as many capture points as possible and try to hold them for as long as possible. Players get points for capturing points, defending the captured points in addition to killing enemy team members. Killing enemies while on capture points also gives extra points. Once the round timer ends, the team which controls the most capture points wins the round. Similarly, the team which wins the most rounds also wins the match.

Team Deathmatch

Players from each team try to kill as many enemy team members as possible. By the time the round timer ends, the team with the most enemy kills wins. There could also be a limit to the total number of team kills any team reaching this number of kills first can also win the round before the timer ends.


Three Distinct Classes

Players can choose between three classes - Juggernaut, Shadow and Commander.

Each class has two unique abilities, out of which one ability can be equipped and used in-game. Players are able to use the environment to their advantage to take cover and kill enemies with various weapons available for each class. They are also able to buy and equip different armors, headgears and outfits to customize their character.

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