Patch 0.2.7 : Map updates!

  • Fixed some more physmats on cq_abbey
  • Updated cq_persia minimap

Device updates!

  • Added Punisher
  • Removed Drone Punisher works mostly the same as the drone. We felt the drone itself was hard to get working properly. We opted for a variant where we now have a machine gun on our shoulder when the ability is activated.
  • Changed Noise texture for the Fury effect
  • Reverted the Fury control back to few patches ago. Makes it easier to control
  • Fixed some device charging issues

Weapons and shooting updates!

  • Adjusted nade indicator
  • Sniper bolt adjust

Other updates and changes!

  • Fixed some cursor issues
  • Fixed some cam issues
  • Scan detect icon + text
  • Chat is now visible while being dead
  • Scoreboard is now visible while being dead

By zuzelek