Map updates!

  • Fixed some physmats on mainmenu
  • Rebuilded mainmenu lighting

Device updates!

  • Fixed some problems with Shelter
  • Fixed some problems with Drone

Weapons and shooting updates!

  • Fixed using ads in cover
  • Fixed shotgun sound bug where there was no sound when you put a silencer on the gun
  • Fixed bug where grenade would clip underneath the floor, causing it to not deal damage to anyone
  • Aim down fixes
  • Aim up fixes
  • Fixed Sniper reload bug
  • Fixed Rapid semi fire bug issue
  • Grenade Indicator – Multiple indicators now appear if the player is inside the radius of multiple grenades.
  • Grenade Indicator – The grenade position now updates after being thrown, so the indicator doesn’t only point towards the inital position of the grenade anymore
  • Grenade Indicator – Fixed bug related to the rotation of the grenade indicator widget, it now rotates properly towards the direction of the grenade

Other updates and changes!

  • Enabled animations to lean around corners when in cover
  • set look around the corner with A+D
  • Set some extra information for cover title to show changes in stats
  • Fixed cam issues when take off cover
  • Fixed some bugs that where hindering shooting
  • set to be able to chat/check the scoreboard during dead
  • Fixed an issue with the camera
  • Possible fix for capture UI not showing up
  • Fixed problems with damage UI not always showing up
  • Fixed multriple issues with sounds not correctly playing
  • Fixed the impact effect
  • Fixed some damage UI problem
  • Fixed some UI problems
  • Fixed some problems with the X icon
  • Added play scan ready sound effect

By zuzelek