Patch Notes 0.1.0:

Network Updates for Clients:

  • Improved movement mechanics for clients, including climbing, running, crouching, proning, taking cover, switching shoulder camera, switching firing mode, sliding, weapon switching, grenade throwing, and disabling inputs during cover. Overall movement should now be smoother.

Changes and Fixes:

  • Changed damage numbers from blue to yellow for better visibility.
  • Adjusted lean camera speed to match the lean camera.
  • Kill cam no longer goes up after death.
  • Fixed random cover taking by the player.
  • Removed the orange outline, preventing players from secretly spotting nearby enemies.
  • Added a landing sound for players.
  • Adjusted grenade throw speed for accuracy.
  • Fixed the reload warning sound, ensuring it’s player-only.
  • Improved weapon swapping speed.
  • Increased drone activation speed.
  • Dead enemies are no longer visible.
  • Eliminated lingering sparks after player death.
  • Cover title is now only visible within a certain distance from an object or wall.
  • Resolved lag issues while running.
  • Balanced the RPK for fair gameplay.
  • Removed the red dot from the non-ADS crosshair.
  • Reduced the transition time from running to firing.
  • Improved slide-to-cover camera for clients.
  • Fixed cover title visibility issue when sliding into cover.
  • Enabled running out of cover for both clients and hosts.
  • Fixed awkward hand movement when walking away from cover while changing shoulder.
  • Enhanced fire rate for handguns.
  • Fixed temporary class-changing weapon destruction.
  • Reduced lag in Fury.
  • Fixed continuous capture sound after dying on a capture point.
  • Fixed team selection issues in crowded lobbies.
  • Addressed a reload sound bug.
  • Adjusted shooting and reload sounds for distance.
  • Disabled cloak print.
  • Improved slide-to-cover camera for clients.
  • Tweaked cover trace for different objects.
  • Implemented a 0.4-second delay for crouching to prevent spamming.
  • Fixed gun-down animation issue after transitioning from prone or cover.
  • Corrected hand positioning when switching from prone to cover.
  • Fixed gun-down animation issue during slide-to-cover transition.
  • Disabled take cover hand inverse kinematics in certain situations.
  • Fixed client aiming and taking off cover animation issues.
  • Fixed alignment of device icons.
  • Added a 3-second respawn delay.
  • No more ammo sound plays only when ammo capacity is not full.
  • Introduced new reload animations for pistols and shotguns.
  • Players now only see their own marker.
  • Dolphin diving has been removed.
  • Adjusted sliding speed (reverted).
  • Reload can be canceled by pressing ‘R’ during the reload animation.

Device Updates:

  • Drone: Increased range by 30%, higher fire rate, and faster activation.
  • Spark: Faster activation.
  • Fury: Can now knock back more than one player.
  • Shelter: Extended lifetime from 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Pathfinder: Reduced lifetime by 20%.
  • Bane: Faster activation, new trajectory, one press of ‘F’ applies to oneself, hold for up to 3 seconds for longer distance.
  • Device charge no longer resets after spawning.

Possible Fixes (Uncertain):

  • Nade availability upon spawning has been addressed; nade should always be available on respawn.
  • Clients now correctly receive their chosen attachments.
  • Fixed slide-to-cover standing issue.

Other Notable Changes:

  • Lobby improvements.
  • Miscellaneous fixes for CQ_Cliffside and CQ_Dam.
  • Added minimap for all maps with visual changes.
  • Conquest VAR feature added in the lobby.
  • Fixed various UI bugs.
  • Video settings are now saved upon restart.
  • Changed keybindings no longer appear in-game on the HUD.
  • Switching upscaling from FSR2 to DLSS should no longer cause crashes.
  • Camo button has been disabled.
  • TDM_Echo now features temporary team-based spawn points.

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By zuzelek